Noah Cortez

I’m currently a 19 year old student attending Stanford University studying Product Design and International Relations, and I’m passionate about traveling, especially solo traveling. Ever since I was young, I loved learning different languages and about different cultures and have translated that into my current passion of traveling as much as possible, even as a college student.

To date, I have traveled to 23 countries, and of those I have traveled to 15 solo and on my own dime. I have never been a trust fund baby and understand the importance of creating opportunities for myself, whether it’s working 25 hours a week to afford a plane ticket or finding cool random classes to take. So many people ask me how I travel so frequently, but the truth is there are so many opportunities if you are willing to look for them, or at least work a little to save up some money. My intention for this website is two-fold: to document my travels and use it as a creative platform for myself, and to shed light on solo traveling as a young 20 something still in college (tips tricks etc etc.)